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Product Description

Beautify and fix dry, rough, cracked, painful knee and elbow skin fast. Our Miracle Knee & Elbow stick is just the thing to work fast and deep to moisturize and ease the discomfort of dry, cracked skin and eliminate peeling and flaking. Just rub this unique UltraAloe balm in the affected area and you’ll be amazed how fast Miracle Knee & Elbow balm will heal fissures, restore suppleness and moisture, and make your knees and elbows look and feel great. Convenient, non-staining, no-mess stick applicator makes using this soothing balm easy.

  • Stops peeling and cracking due to dryness; restores comfort and beautifies
  • Rich with an abundance of essential oils; moisturizing safflower, calming lavender, moisture-retaining coconut oil and blended with pure aloe gel, tea tree oil, and shea and cocoa butter, this soothing healing balm will fix your dried out knees and elbows
  • Blended with Miracle of Aloe’s exclusive pure UltraAloe aloe vera gel harvested at peak potency from mature aloe vera leaves
  • Compact size and convenient no-mess stick applicator that goes on smooth; light peppermint scent
  • Makes knee and elbow skin soft and supple once more; both men and women say it’s the best knee and elbow balm they’ve ever used


  • Weight: 2.5 oz

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