Aloe Relief Aloe Vera Gel Clear 12oz.

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Aloe Relief Aloe Vera Gel Clear 12oz. 99% Aloe.

Aloe Relief is made with 99% pure Aloe gel—Mother Nature’s natural first aid gel—ideal for sun and wind burns, insect bites, minor wounds and cuts. Just apply and feel natural cooling, soothing relief.
• Feel the difference when our pure gel penetrates your skin; leaves no sticky residue like others; includes pump dispenser
• This gel has amazing health properties; great for sunburns, bites, cuts, scrapes, itching and more
• Made with UltraAloe aloe vera gel harvested from mature aloe plants to ensure peak natural power 
• 99% pure premium grade gel - no powder - the other 1% keeps it good and fresh for maximum potency
• Exclusive UltraAloe processed gel - no dyes, no parabens, no harsh chemicals - just clear goodness

Naturally help restore stressed, damaged skin. Nothing cools and soothes like Mother Nature’s miracle...the pure, cooling, soothing gel of the ancient aloe vera plant. If you don’t have a live aloe plant growing at home or some fresh, homemade gel in the fridge, our Aloe Relief with 99% pure UltraAloe is the next best thing!
This thick, rich gel is cold-pressed from mature, freshly harvested plants and naturally enhanced into our famous UltraAloe gel — nature’s answer to sunburns, minor cuts, scratches, itching, and more.
Specially filtered to remove unwanted components like aloin, then purified and enriched to enhance natural potency, this soothing gel is the perfect home health aid. Use it to moisturize and hydrate skin, after sun exposure, for rashes, as hair juice or gel, for razor burn, on cuts, scrapes and bruises, bites, minor burns, pets and more! Or just make it part of your daily skin health regimen. Cools and calms irritated skin on contact. Leaves skin glowing with natural health and vitality.
Clear, non-staining, 99% pure gel (the other 1% of stuff in the product prevents discoloration and keeps the gel nice and fresh). Includes a convenient pump dispenser. Because of the potency and power of this natural gel, patch test skin before using on sensitive areas.

Directions: Apply generously to clean, dry, skin. Repeat as needed.

Caution: For external use only. Avoid eye contact. Keep away from children.


  • Weight: 13 oz
  • Width: 1.5 in
  • Depth: 1.5 in
  • Height: 6.25 in

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