Miracle of Aloe

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Premium Refined Camphor Blocks

  • KEEPS TOOLS AND SILVER RUST AND TARNISH FREE - creates a non-destructive invisible barrier that stops rust and tarnish
  • NO RESIDUE - our premium refined camphor tablets leave no residue behind
  • STOP MUSTY ODORS AND DAMP SMELLS - place in the closet, wardrobes and chests to prevent that “closed up” smell
  • EASILY BROKEN INTO SMALLER PIECES to use in hard-to-get to spaces.
  • BURN REFINED CAMPHOR to use as a pungent aromatherapy incense

A well-known folk remedy, Camphor has been used for thousands of years for a variety of purposes. This amazing product actually stops tools from rusting and stops silver tarnish from happening! When placed in the bottom of a tool box or in a silver storage box, Camphor releases fumes that form a barrier between metal and oxidizing air that prevents rust or tarnish from forming in the first place. Perhaps best known for its pungent smell, camphor is burned as a clarifying incense during Hindu religious ceremonies and is also used in ayurvedic medicine. Many use it to stop musty odors and protect stored clothes and beddings.

To use, simply unwrap and place these handy tablets in toolboxes, closets, wardrobes, storage boxes and chests — wherever you need protection. Can be broken into smaller chunks to get into tight spaces. No residue left behind.

Do not use as a food additive.


  • Weight: 0.89 oz
  • Ingredients: Premium Refined Camphor

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